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Huggy Kitty

This Huggy Kitty is crocheted by Irene Mumford from Nova Scotia. She makes them to order. The pattern is my Huggy Cat to which she added a dress and hairband.

Onesie Bunny Girls: free Amigurumi crochet pattern

My daughter made her own birthday cake last week and I helped to decorate it. The blue bunny onesie girl doll is standing on top of the cake too.

The Onesie Bunny Girls crochet pattern is now ready. You can download the PDF on Google Drive or on Ravelry

The Kindle Edition is available free on Amazon.

For your Android phone or tablet you can download the e-Book on Google Play.

For the iPad/ iPhone: the pattern is available free on Apple iTunes/ iBookstore

This pattern has also been translated into:

Sleepover Birthday Party

I made girl dolls in bunny onesies for my daughter’s sleepover birthday party this weekend,
 the free pattern is available here on my blog.

The pattern is also on Ravelry.

Tulip ETIMO Rose

I bought a new set of crochet hooks ‘Tulip ETIMO Rose’. I haven't tried them yet.